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The Black One John Mayer


John Mayer has always been a Strat guy.  For years now we’ve seen him on stage and heard him on his recordings getting some pretty darn sweet  tones out of his impressive arsenal of Stratocasters.  One of his favorite guitars, “The Black One John Mayer“, is a beat-to-hell Custom Shop Masterbuilt guitar, so naturally when Fender decided to release a special limited edition USA John Mayer Strat, they looked to that guitar for inspiration.  Presenting the John Mayer “Black1″, available only in limited quantities, and only two are coming to the Zoo.  If you want one, act fast.  MAP is $1,749.99.  Follow the jump for specs and more info.

From Fender:
Mayer’s super sleek, famous black guitar has been his “go-to” instrument for years. He has been able to rely on it through countless recording sessions and shows, and affectionately refers to it as the “Black1”. In collaboration with the artist, we are now offering limited quantities of these special guitars to the world (500 global), as John “implores everyone to make their own trouble on it”, beating it up through their own musical experiences . The John Mayer Special Edition Black1 Stratocaster includes similar specs to his existing model (same neck shape, pickups and electronics) with the addition of some further upgraded features like gold hardware and a model- exclusive, super- protective INCASE® gigbag (designed in collaboration with the artist) that can be customized using the included patches and modular accessory compartments.

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